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Rodders Computer-Aided Solutions is an engineering firm based in Carp, Ontario, Canada (that's just northwest of Ottawa, Canada's Capital City). We provide drafting and design solutions for the building-services field, including interference and ducting fabrication drawings. We have approximately 30 years experience with mechanical and electrical building systems.

Visit our Profile section for background information about our firm and further details of our building systems knowledge and the services we provide.

Projects undertaken range from complete system design for commercial and industrial buildings to simple CAD drafting of mark-ups. Our Project Area lists current and completed projects. Live project work can be accessed here and downloaded by our customers from username and password protected directories. This feature enables us to keep our Clients up-to-date with current progress on projects by making the latest drawings and digital photographs available for downloading and viewing.

We are gradually developing a library of CAD Tools which can be accessed from our Cad section. From this section you can download the RCAS Desktop layer handling utility for the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) standard.

Occasionally we write industry-related articles and these can be accessed from the Articles section of the site. Some of our articles have been published in commercial magazines. We have also been responsible webmasters for the Ottawa Valley Chapter of ASHRAE for some years, and our editorials originally published in the related Capital Communiqué newsletter can be found in this section of the website.

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